Chosing the Right Pair of Sunglasses

It’s been a hot couple of days and the temperature does not seem to be dropping any time soon. The sun is shining and that means that it’s time for your sunglasses to appear. Dust off your old ones or visit Hawkers and get a new pair. But did you know there is a whole variety of sunglasses? They may look the same from a distance, but you do have a lot of choices. But what kind of rims are available? Are all glasses equal when it comes to protecting your eyes? Which sunglasses are the best option if you want to read in the sun? And what kind of other choices do you have? Let us tell you a bit more about the variety of sunglasses that you can choose from. You’ll find out soon enough that there are more choices than you thought when you are about to select a pair of new sunglasses.


The Glasses of your Sunglasses
Of course, the glasses are the most important part of your sunglasses. They’re the bit that is supposed to protect your eyes. The glasses come in many colours. Brown and black are the most basic colours, but you can also get purple, green, pink, blue or red sunglasses. These coloured sunglasses won’t change the way you see through them, but you might want to match your sunglasses and your outfit. They also come in various shapes. Examples are round sunglasses, Aviator sunglasses, oval sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, pilot sunglasses, shield sunglasses and more. Some glasses filter only the harmful UV-rays so your vision won’t change all that much. Others might adjust to the light around you. If you already wear a pair of regular sunglasses, it’s possible to get sunglasses with the same prescription. That prevents you from having to wear two glasses on top of each other.


The Rim of your Sunglasses
Of course, your glasses need to be wrapped in a rim. This rim is, after all, the part of the construction that keeps the sunglasses on your nose. They can be made of plastic, but this is often the cheapest solution, although polycarbonate is a decent option for sports sunglasses of safety sunglasses. They can also be made of metal such as nickel, titanium, stainless steel or aluminium. Some materials weight more than others. Plastics are often lightweight but also sweaty solutions. Metals are heavier, but they tend to last longer. They also provide you with more support of you bend over. They don’t slide off your nose as easily as some plastics do.


The Hinges that Connect the Whole Construction
A last important part of your sunglasses. The most common hinge is the barrel hinge. That hinge consists of interlocking pieces that are placed on the inside of the frame. They are held together by one small shrew. Spring hinges are the kind of hinges made with a spring. They provide the sunglasses with more support because they allow the frame to press more firmly to your head. And then there are interlocking hinges. They might look like barrel hinges, but there is a difference: They are moulded directly into the frame of your sunglasses.


Did you know all these types of sunglasses? Try some of them and see which features you prefer.